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About us

The team

Erik Mortensen has several office hotels in the back. He started out with his first office community in 2006 and has since then formed experience with various office solutions.

Through its various projects, he has learned about the needs of the company when looking for an office and how best to be met in the most optimal framework.

That way, Tower77 should be seen as the ultimate office community based on our experience. The concept is built up with the idea of the exclusive, which at the same time it must be flexible to every need that you have as a company.

Our mission is to create a business community that makes it exciting and different to go to work, among people from widely differing industries.

Together, we can enrich each other with skills and inspiration that motivates employees as well as managers to achieve effective results in everyday life.

It is very convenient to share building with others, and perhaps you might be lucky to be under the same roof as the type of business you are faced with and lacking in order to grow.

At the same time, there is ample opportunity to find new customers during the lunch break in a nice relaxing setting.

Efficient skillsharing is one of the biggest benefits of being part of an office community like Tower77.