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Tower77 is located in Søborg, north of Copenhagen, in a presentable and representative area.

It is located about 8 kilometers from Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen, and at the same time there is access to nature and recreation.


Our Tower77 is located in Gladsaxe, where the companies are booming. Statistics from 2018 show that it is the municipality with the most newly started companies in the Copenhagen area.

In that way, there is a great chance that you have everything you need, right in the vicinity.

Our office building is located just off the new light rail, which makes it easy to get to and from Copenhagen quickly.

Around the office building you will find an industrial district in constant development where something exciting is always happening.

We have made sure to make plenty of parking space, so we can offer all free parking. Then you get rid of being part of the flock that fights for a good parking lot every morning in the hectic morning traffic.