At Tower77 you can get beautiful, exclusive enclosed office space exactly to your needs.
Even though we offer luxury then we still give you great prices so that everything makes sense

Offices from 1- 30 people

* Free Bird: Does not have a permanent office, but can use all the office’s facilities, Meeting rooms, Free Coffee, Free parking, Friday breakfast, etc.

*Free Bird

All inclusive

2.495 Kr./mo.

Office for 2 people

All inclusive

6.995 Kr./mo.

Office for 3 people

All inclusive

10.495 Kr./mo.

Office for 4 people

All inclusive

13.995 Kr./mo.

Luxury Officehotel in Copenhagen

It can be difficult to find a good office space in the Copenhagen area at an affordable price. Tower77 is the answer to that problem. Newly renovated offices in Søborg on Vandtårnsvej 77 close to Copenhagen.
4 floor luxury officehotel close to Copenhagen. Tower77 offers great luxury at great prices with all inclusive.