About Tower77

Erik Mortensen who has built Tower77 has build many officehotels in the past. He started his first officehotel back in 2006. Through these officehotels he gained great experience and has learned what needs you have as a company when you are looking for an office. This experience he has taken with him and implemented into Tower77. In that way, Tower77 should be seen as the ultimate office community based on our experience. The concept is built with the idea of ​​the exclusiveness, which at the same time must be flexible to any needs you have as a company. Our mission is to create a business community that makes it exciting and different to go to work, among people from very different industries. Together we can enrich each other with competencies and inspiration that motivate employees as well as managers to achieve effective results in everyday life. It is very convenient to share a building with others, and perhaps you can be lucky to be under the same roof as the type of business you are missing in order to create growth. At the same time, there is plenty of opportunity to find new customers during the lunch break in a pleasant relaxed environment. Skills sharing is one of the biggest benefits of being part of an office community like Tower77.

Luxury Officehotel in Copenhagen

It can be difficult to find a good office space in the Copenhagen area at an affordable price. Tower77 is the answer to that problem. Newly renovated offices in Søborg on Vandtårnsvej 77 close to Copenhagen.
4 floor luxury officehotel close to Copenhagen. Tower77 offers great luxury at great prices with all inclusive.